What Went Wrong Editorial

An editorial spread I produced utilizing an existing article that is a response to a controversial and misinformed article in Rolling Stone magazine. In 2014, Rolling Stone published a story that led to investigations and accusations at the University of Virginia, where supposedly a gang rape took place. The article, however, relied too heavily on only one source, the victim herself. As time went on after the publication, the story and evidence began to unravel and the credibility was questioned. This following articles stresses that had the reporter interviewed friends of the victim, who had been with her following the alleged rape, more of the story could have been uncovered. The reporter decided not to overstep anything that might make the victim uneasy or unhappy. And thus, a once-tragic account became a question of fact or fiction.

First Page of Magazine Article Spread
©Tia Canonico
Second Page of Magazine Article Spread
©Tia Canonico
Design of graphic to include in article spread

©Tia Canonico

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